Get Shit Done

(Make DAOs work.)

Nothing of significance was ever achieved by an individual acting alone.

That is why we provide DAOs with a toolset to transform decentralized teams into cohesive, high performance teams. Agree on terms, report time and expenses, pay and get paid in any token.

Dream 😌. Collaborate 🤝. Deliver 😎

Welcome to The Future of Work.


Grindery Pay is allows you to do batch payments. Import contacts and payments from Google Spreadsheet with a few clicks. Then pay in the token of your choice. Download Chrome Extension for Ethereum and Harmony testnet here. The next version will support payouts from DAOs via withdrawal and vote.


Grindery Wallet is currently in development. The smart wallet will allow recipient better understand what DAO paid for what and when. Automatic swapping and bridging included. Stay tuned.


Grindery Work allows DAOs and member to establish agreements for income, grants, bounties and many other formats. Submit payment requests and timesheets complemented by transparent reporting. The next version will be decentralized.


A simple HubSpot Theme that allows organizations to launch partner directories ti kick start their ecosystem development. Launching soon on the HubSpot Asset marketplace.


Our former flagship product: team and employee directories for Slack. The app has been installed +1000 times by organizations of all sizes. Find it on the Slack App Directory. The next version will integrate with DAOs.

Running a DAO? Want to simplify batch payment?

Join us in the beta and become part of the group of genesis DAOs